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NYCS Route S Rockaway Park Shuttle
NYCS Route SIRl Staten Island Railway Local
NYCS Route SIRe Staten Island Railway Express
NYCS Route T Second Avenue Local (future)

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The S – Rockaway Park Shuttle is a shuttle train service in Queens on the New York City Subway. It connects with the A train at Broad Channel station. This shuttle train provides service to the southern part of the Rockaway peninsula, with a terminus at Rockaway Park–Beach 116th Street. It operates on trackage that was part of the Long Island Rail Road until the mid-1950s.

Beginning on February 1, 1962, the Rockaway Shuttle was lettered HH, and from November 26, 1967 to September 10, 1972, it was colored red and was extended to Euclid Avenue on the IND Fulton Street Line in Brooklyn between roughly midnight and 6:00 a.m., hours when the A did not run to and from Far Rockaway. During the late night-early morning hours, the HH would operate from Euclid Avenue to Rockaway Park, then to Far Rockaway, and finally back to Euclid Avenue, thus earning this night owl service the unofficial nickname as Rockaway Round-Robin.

Between September 11, 1972 and August 29, 1976, the shuttle's identifier was known as the E (colored aqua blue), although during rush hours this train was extended all the way to Jamaica-179th Street on the IND Queens Boulevard Line in Queens. Afterward, the designation CC (colored green) was used for the shuttle, although during rush hours this train was extended all the way to Bedford Park Boulevard on the IND Concourse Line in the Bronx.

In the 1980s the shuttle's identifier was H (colored blue), (and not HH again because the New York City subway system had abolished two-letter designations by then). Prior to 1990, late night A service went to Lefferts Boulevard with no service to Far Rockaway. During this time again, the Rockaway Shuttle ran from Rockaway Park to Far Rockaway, to Euclid Avenue, and finally, back down to Rockaway Park.

In 1990, service was changed. All late night A service traveled to Far Rockaway and service to Lefferts Boulevard was provided by a shuttle to Euclid Avenue. The Rockaway Park Shuttle now ran between Rockaway Park and Broad Channel at all times. A few years later, special A service began running from Rockaway Park to 207th Street on the IND Eighth Avenue Line in Inwood, Manhattan, during the morning rush and from 59th Street–Columbus Circle to Rockaway Park during the evening rush.

Formerly, some maps had shown the current S service in blue, but this had never been used on trains. As of May 2004, "The Map" (the official MTA map) shows the Rockaway Park Shuttle in gray. In order to distungush it from the other shuttles, NYCT Rapid Transit operations refers to it internally as the H.


Station service legend
Black dot Stops all times
Half diamond Stops rush hours in the peak direction only
NYCS Route S Stations Wheelchair Transfer Connections and notes
Black dot Broad Channel NYCS Route ABlack dot
Black dot Beach 90th Street NYCS Route AHalf diamond
Black dot Beach 98th Street NYCS Route AHalf diamond
Black dot Beach 105th Street NYCS Route AHalf diamond
Black dot Rockaway Park – Beach 116th Street Wheelchair NYCS Route AHalf diamond

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