The R110B was a experimental subway model for the NTT trains.

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History[edit | edit source]

The R110B subway cars were ordered from Bomardier Transportation in December of 1989. The cars were designed to test various NTT  features that would eventually be incorporated into the R143 and were not intended for long-term production use. There were 9 R110B cars, they were numbered 3001-3006.

The cars were the typical B-Division size, except that they are 67 feet long. The r110B was known as the r131. The r131 was put for testing on the A line. The R110A was put for testing on the 2 line. On November 4, 1996, an explosion occurred on the R110B car 3006 and forced the set 3007 - 3009 to be taken permanently out of service and cannibalized to parts to repair car 3006 and to keep the other two sets operating.

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