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The Norristown High Speed Line (NHSL), operated by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) as Route 100 of the Suburban Transit Division, is an interurban operating between Upper Darby, Pennsylvania's 69th Street Terminal and Norristown, Pennsylvania's Norristown Transportation Center, running entirely on its own right-of-way, inherited from the Philadelphia and Western Railroad, an interurban streetcar line. The line is unique in its combination of transportation technologies. The line is fully grade separated, collects power from a third rail, and has high-level platforms common to rapid transit systems, but has small vehicles, onboard fare collection, and frequent stops more common to light rail systems.


The fare as of 2016 is $2.75 cash on board, or $1.30 using prepurchased tokens, with an additional $0.50 zone charge when travelling in more than one zone. The service runs seven days a week, from about 5:00 AM in the morning to 1:00 AM at night.

Schedule as of February 13, 2006
First trains 4:254:524:575:224:455:115:155:404:455:105:155:40
...then about every 20 minutes......then every 20-30 minutes......then every 30-40 minutes...
Last trains 11:4212:0712:2012:4511:4512:1012:1512:3911:4512:1012:1512:40
12:2012:4512:55 1:2012:2012:4512:50 1:1412:2012:4512:501:15
1:25 1:50 1:55 2:20 1:20 1:45 1:47 2:111:201:451:472:12

Extension to King of PrussiaEdit

There is a proposal to extend Route 100 to serve the King of Prussia Mall and Valley Forge office parks. The 4.9 mile extension would branch from the existing line just north of the Hughes Park station, continue westward along the Norfolk Southern Morrisville Line right-of-way, and then northward through King of Prussia to Valley Forge. This extension would include 2.2 miles of elevated track.

It is projected that this extension would add an additional 3,800 daily riders. SEPTA already has enough N-5 rail vehicles to cover this extended service. It would also complement the planned Schuylkill Valley Metro line that will have a "Cross-County" segment that will also use the Norfolk Southern freight line from King of Prussia to Glenloch near Exton.


See also Philadelphia and Western Railroad

Ridership on the Norristown line peaked in 1973 with 2,860,000 annual linked trips, and again in 1980 with 2,579,000 annual linked trips.

Ridership statistics for fiscal years 2000 and later are from SEPTA Annual Service Plans. Data for years 1972 to 1997 are from the SEPTA 1997 Ridership Census. There may be some discrepancy in how the ridership is reported since the Annual Service Plans report total unlinked trips, while the ridership census uses linked trips, which may exclude passengers transferring from other lines.

Fiscal year Average weekday Annual passengers
FY 2005 8,801 2,512,690
FY 2004 8,428 2,463,500
FY 2003 7,925 2,491,074
FY 2000 9,250 3,046,927
Fiscal year Annual linked trips Fiscal year Annual linked trips
1997 1,754,000   1984 2,338,000
1996 1,696,000 1983 2,484,000
1995 1,926,000 1982 2,089,000
1994 2,079,000 1981 1,899,000
1993 2,251,000 1980 2,579,000
1992 2,222,000 1979 2,133,000
1991 2,234,000 1978 1,992,000
1990 2,162,000 1977 1,832,000
1989 2,295,000 1976 2,218,000
1988 2,185,000 1975 2,162,000
1987 1,888,000 1974 2,425,000
1986 1,915,000 1973 2,860,000
1985 2,255,000 1972 2,496,000

Station listEdit

Milepost Station Zone Township County
0.069th Street Terminal1Upper DarbyDelaware
1.4West OverbrookHaverford
3.1Wynnewood Road
3.4Ardmore Junction 1&2
3.9Ardmore Avenue
5.4Bryn MawrRadnor
6.4Garrett Hill
8.6County LineLower MerionMontgomery
9.4Matsonford (formerly Conshohocken Road)
10.3Gulph MillsUpper Merion
11.0Hughes Park
12.3King ManorBridgeport
13.4Norristown Transportation CenterNorristown

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