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Special instructionsEdit

If you create an article on a station, you might like to create a succession box to show the position of the station on the transit line(s) serving that station. See Creating station-succession-boxes for help in this.

History of MetroWikiEdit

This Wiki was originally started by Metrobits on March 15, 2006. It was created with a purpose as stated in the official description on Wikia Central:

The metro Wikia is about subway systems and will be a resource about subways, or metros, and subway station architecture around the world.

The creator of the Wiki never made any edits after originally creating it, and the Wiki was found inactive in November 2006, and formally adopted by BRG on November 22, 2006. At this time, it was decided to expand its purpose. Subway systems are often operated by operators of, and coordinated with, other urban public transit modalities. Because of this it will not be considered off topic to discuss these, so that pages on bus, streetcar, and similar facilities may be found in this Wiki.

Articles should be written in English. All people interested in the subject should feel free to contribute.

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