Meihuayuan Station

Meihuayuan Station, Line 3 Northern Branch

Guangzhou Metro Line 3 Line 3 is the only metro line that has a branch in Guangzhou, the northern branch mostly follows the Guangzhou Avenue North and the 106 National Highway (Southern part as Baiyun Avenue), and the southern part usually follows Xinguang Expressway. It is the metro line which reaches the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and Central Panyu (Shiqiao). It is the longest line in Guangzhou Metro.


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Line 3
Station Name Native Name Transfer
Airport North 机场北
White dot Airport South 机场南
Gaozeng 高增 9
White dot Renhe 人和
White dot Longgui 龙归
White dot Jiahewanggang 嘉禾望岗 214
White dot Baiyundadaobei 白云大道北
White dot Yongtai 永泰
White dot Tonghe 同和
White dot Jingxi Nanfang Hospital 京溪南方医院
White dot Meihuayuan 梅花园
White dot Yantang 燕塘 6
White dot Guangzhou East Railway Station 广州东站 111
White dot Linhexi 林和西 APM
White dot Tianhe Coach Terminal 天河客运站 6
White dot Wushan 五山
White dot South China Normal University 华师 11
White dot Gangding 岗顶
White dot Shipaiqiao 石牌桥
White dot Tiyu Xilu 体育西路 1
White dot Zhujiang New Town 珠江新城 5
White dot Canton Tower 广州塔 APM THZ1
White dot Kecun 客村 8
White dot Datang 大塘 11
White dot Lijiao 沥滘 Guangfo
White dot Xiajiao 厦滘
White dot Dashi 大石
White dot Hanxi Changlong 汉溪长隆 7
White dot Shiqiao 市桥
White dot Panyu Square 番禺广场
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