South Korea and North Korea currently has 6 regions with urban rail transit system due to the urban nature of Korea rail systems are group by regions rather than individual systems.

Urban-rail systemsEdit

System/Region Lines Principal area Operators
Sudogwon 21 Seoul–Incheon–Gyeonggi Prov. Seoul Metro Metro 9 DX Line EverLine U Line AREX Incheon Transit Korail
Busan 6 Busan–South Gyeongsang Prov. Busan Transportation B&G Metro Korail
Daegu 3 Daegu–North Gyeongsang Prov. Daegu Metropolitan Transit
Daejeon 1 Daejeon Daejeon Metropolitan Express Transit
Gwangju 1 Gwangju Gwangju Metropolitan Rapid Transit
Pyeongyang 2 Pyeongyang Pyeongyang Metro

Intercity-rail systemsEdit

System Lines Operators
Gosokseon 5[N 1] Korea Train eXpress Super Rapid Train
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Currently operating Urban rail transit systems in Korea
South Korea Seoul–Incheon–Gyeonggi · Busan · Daegu · Daejeon · Gwangju
North Korea Pyeongyang
  1. In terms of Routes/Services not lines.
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