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The K Broadway Brooklyn Local, earlier KK, was a New York City Subway service along the BMT Jamaica Line.




The KK started out as the BMT's 14 in 1924, when the BMT assigned numbers to their services. The 14 was known as the Canarsie Line, and took trains between lower Manhattan and Rockaway Parkway (with a transfer to a streetcar the rest of the way to Canarsie) via the Broadway (Brooklyn) Line and the Canarsie Line. Trains operated to Chambers Street, except in morning rush hours, when they stopped short at Canal Street. Rush hour peak direction trains operated express over the full Broadway (Brooklyn) Line, stopping only in Manhattan, at Myrtle Avenue (morning only) and Eastern Parkway, and along the Canarsie Line. Extra rush-hour local service was provided between Manhattan and Eastern Parkway, as well as between Manhattan and Atlantic Avenue (with a transfer to the BMT Fulton Street Line). Between 1924 and 1925, rush-hour peak direction local service to/from Eastern Parkway was removed.

When the full 14th Street–Canarsie Line was completed in 1928, the 14 was renamed the Broadway (Brooklyn) Line. Most Canarsie service was moved onto the new line; the 14 now operated local, only on weekdays during rush hours and middays. Normal service ran only between Canal Street and Eastern Parkway or Atlantic Avenue; rush-hour service still went all the way to Rockaway Parkway.

By 1948, this service was known as the Broadway Short Line (probably changed with city ownership in 1940). By 1959, the service (now called the Broadway Brooklyn Local) ran only during afternoon rush hours, and some trains went to Crescent Street on the Jamaica Line, with the others going all the way down the Canarsie Line to Rockaway Parkway.

Starting on June 18, 1959, the 14 was brought back in morning rush hours (ending at Canal Street as a peak direction skip-stop service (and a fully local service outbound) supplementing the 15, beginning at the end of the Jamaica Line at 168th Street. This 14 service, known as the Jamaica Local, stopped at stations designated "B":

  • AB 168th Street
  • B 160th Street
  • AB Sutphin Boulevard
  • B Queens Boulevard
  • B Metropolitan Avenue
  • A 121st Street
  • A 111th Street
  • B 102nd Street
  • A Woodhaven Boulevard
  • A Forest Parkway
  • AB Elderts Lane
  • B Cypress Hills
  • A Crescent Street
  • B Norwood Avenue
  • A Cleveland Street
  • B Van Siclen Avenue
  • B Alabama Avenue
  • AB Eastern Parkway

Afternoon rush hour 14 trains continued to terminate at Crescent Street or Rockaway Parkway.


R27 end rollsign (used even after Chrystie St.[1])

In 1960 the Transit Authority began to assign letters to BMT services. K was chosen for the 14 (with all trips being KK because it ran local), but was not yet signed.

When the Chrystie Street Connection opened on November 26, 1967, the label KK was not used. Instead the 14 was grouped with the local 15 runs (which ran at non-rush hours) as the JJ. The Rockaway Parkway afternoon runs were cut back to Atlantic Avenue.

The KK was introduced on July 1, 1968, when the Williamsburg Bridge part of the Chrystie Street Connection opened. This service operated only during rush hours, between 168th Street and the new 57th Street station at Sixth Avenue. West of Eastern Parkway, the train operated as a local. The rest of the line continued to run skip-stop with what was now the QJ, stopping only at "B" stations not only inbound in the morning but now also outbound in afternoon rush hours. Trains no longer used the connection at Broadway Junction (Eastern Parkway) between the Broadway (Brooklyn) and Canarsie Lines.

The KK was cut back to Eastern Parkway on January 2, 1973 and renamed the K despite running fully local (a single letter denoted express service). The QJ, renamed the J at that time, now covered both "A" and "B" skip-stop patterns east of Eastern Parkway, but the skip-stop service was once again cut back to inbound morning rush-hour service only.

On August 27, 1976, the K last ran, ending service over the Williamsburg-Chrystie Street connection tracks for good. This was done along with other cutbacks because of the Transit Authority's financial problems.

Broadway (Brooklyn) Line services over the years

The following major service changes have been made on the Broadway (Brooklyn) Line, not counting Myrtle Avenue-Chambers Street Line services (BMT 10/M):

Morning rush-hour local Morning rush-hour express Afternoon rush-hour local Afternoon rush-hour express Other times local Variant/short line runs
1959-67 14 168th Street - Canal Street, "B" stops inbound 15 168th Street - Broad Street, "A" stops inbound 14 Crescent Street - Canal Street 15 168th Street - Broad Street 15 168th Street - Broad Street 14 Atlantic Avenue (Canarsie Line) or Rockaway Parkway (Canarsie Line) - Canal Street, afternoon rush hours only
1967-68 JJ 168th Street - Canal Street, "B" stops inbound
RJ 168th Street - 95th Street (Brooklyn), inbound only
QJ 168th Street - Brighton Beach, "A" stops inbound JJ Crescent Street - Canal Street
RJ 168th Street - 95th Street (Brooklyn), outbound only
QJ 168th Street - Brighton Beach JJ 168th Street - Broad Street
QJ 168th Street - Brighton Beach, middays and early evenings
JJ Atlantic Avenue (Canarsie Line) - Canal Street, afternoon rush hours only
1968-1973 KK 168th Street - 57th Street (Manhattan), "B" stops inbound QJ 168th Street - Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue, "A" stops inbound KK 168th Street - 57th Street (Manhattan), "B" stops outbound QJ 168th Street - Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue, "A" stops outbound QJ 168th Street - Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue, goes only to/from Broad Street late evenings, late nights and weekends
1973-1976 K Eastern Parkway - 57th Street (Manhattan) J 168th Street - Broad Street, two inbound patterns, one for "A" stops and one for "B" stops K Eastern Parkway - 57th Street (Manhattan) J 168th Street - Broad Street, all stops J 168th Street - Broad Street

The K was discontinued in 1976, and all J trains made all stops from then until the 1988 opening of the BMT Archer Avenue Line.


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