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The IND Second System was a plan for a major expansion of the city-owned Independent Subway System in New York, New York]. Very little of it was built, though provisions were made for future expansion on lines that intersect the proposals. The core lines of the system were the Second Avenue Line (with an extension into the Bronx) and the South Fourth Street Line (connecting to the Rockaways). The Rockaways were eventually served by the NYC subway (A train) via existing LIRR Rockaway Branch train service that was converted to subway service. The Second Avenue Subway is still being planned.


The following provisions were made for connections and transfers to the Second System:

  • At Second Avenue on the IND Sixth Avenue Line, a large open space was built above for the four-track Second Avenue Line.
  • At East Broadway on the IND Sixth Avenue Line (under Rutgers Street here), part of a two-track station was built for the line under East Broadway, above the existing line. This is now part of the mezzanine.
  • At Broadway on the IND Crosstown Line, traces of stairways are visible going up to a six-track station on the line to the Rockaways.
  • At Utica Avenue on the IND Fulton Street Line, a four-track station above can be seen in the ceiling of the existing station. The existing mezzanine passes over the unused space.
  • At Roosevelt Avenue on the IND Queens Boulevard Line, a two-track upper level was built for the Winfield Spur towards the line to the Rockaways. Unlike the other stations, this one was completed, except for track.
  • A junction was built on the IND Queens Boulevard Line for the line under Van Wyck Boulevard; it has since been connected to the IND Archer Avenue Line.
  • The express tracks on the IND Sixth Avenue Line end at the curve into Essex Street; these were planned to continue towards the Rockaways.
  • A line to the Rockaways would have split from the IND Eighth Avenue Line (under Church Street here), east under Worth Street. The junction was built and is used by the local tracks to World Trade Center.
  • The tracks that the IND 63rd Street Line uses to split from the IND Sixth Avenue Line were built for a similar proposed line (under 61st Street) in the Second System.
  • The completed IND 63rd Street Line, which the F train uses to cross the East River, was designed and built with bellmouths to allow for the construction of connections to the planned Second Avenue Subway for service to/from the north and south along 2nd Avenue.

1929 plan detailsEdit

The first plan was made on September 15, 1929 (before the IND even opened), and is detailed in the table below. Cost is only for construction, and doesn't include land acqusition or other items.

Line Streets From To Tracks Route miles Track miles Cost Notes
East Manhattan trunk line (Second Avenue Line)Water Street - New Bowery - Chrystie StreetPine StreetHouston Street2 from Pine Street to Chambers Street
4 to Houston Street
Second AvenueHouston StreetHarlem River4 to 61st Street
6 to 125th Street
4 to Harlem River
Sixth Avenue - 61st Street52nd StreetSecond Avenue21.12.2$6,700,000subway
(Rockaway Line)Worth Street - East Broadway - Grand StreetChurch StreetEast River21.953.9$13,300,000subway
(Utica Avenue Line)Houston StreetEssex StreetEast River2.931.86$7,900,000subway
Manhattan total11.8745.48$126,800,000
Bronx trunk lineAlexander Avenue - Melrose Avenue - Boston RoadHarlem RiverWest Farms43.9715.88$40,400,000subway, with a portal between Vyse Avenue and 177th Street, then elevated into the existing IRT White Plains Road Line near 180th Street
Morris Park Avenue - Wilson AvenueGarfield StreetBoston Road23.57.9$13,700,000branching off the existing elevated IRT White Plains Road Line, and then going into subway
163rd Street - Hunts Point - Lafayette Avenue - 177th StreetWashington Avenue at Brook AvenueEast Tremont Avenue25.0210.04$12,900,000subway to near Edgewater Road and Seneca Avenue, then elevated
Burke Avenue - Boston RoadWebster AvenueBaychester Avenue22.154.3$8,900,000extension of the Concourse Line
Bronx subtotal14.6438.12$75,900,000
White Plains Road Line180th Street241st Street4.4013.2$2,100,000owned by IRT, to be taken over ("recaptured") by IND
Bronx total19.0451.32$77,000,000
Broadway Branch Line (Rockaway Line)BroadwayEast RiverHavemeyer Street at South Fourth Street23.1613.5$34,800,000subway
Utica Avenue Line (and Rockaway Line from Havemeyer Street to Stuyvesant Avenue)Grand Street - South Fourth Street - Beaver StreetEast RiverStuyvesant Avenue2 to Driggs Avenue
4 to Union Avenue
8 to Bushwick Avenue
4 to Stuyvesant Avenue
Stuyvesant Avenue - Utica AvenueBroadwayFlatbush Avenue45.8523.4$39,300,000subway to Avenue J, then elevated
Avenue SUtica AvenueNostrand Avenue21.12.2$2,000,000elevated
Nostrand AvenueAvenue SVoorhies Avenue41.35.2$3,200,000elevated
Rockaway LineMyrtle AvenueBushwick AvenuePalmetto Avenue41.345.36$14,300,000subway
Liberty AvenueFulton Street and Eastern ParkwayGrant Avenue41.847.36$13,500,000subway extending the Fulton Street Line to a portal at Liberty Avenue and Crescent Street, then elevated to connect to the BMT Liberty Avenue Line (now part of the Fulton Street Line) at Grant Avenue
Brooklyn subtotal14.5957.02$107,100,000
Nostrand Avenue ExtensionFlatbush AvenueAvenue S22.254.5$7,400,000Extension of Nostrand Avenue Line as subway to Kings Highway, then elevated
Brooklyn total16.8461.52$114,500,000
Rockaway LineMyrtle Avenue - Central AvenuePalmetto Avenue78th Street42.18.4$17,300,000subway to Central Avenue near 73rd Place, then along the surface or elevated
98th Street - 99th Street - Hawtree Street78th StreetHammels Station4 to Howard Beach
2 to Hammels
9.226.2$20,200,000along the surface or elevated
Rockaway Beach BoulevardBeach 116th StreetMott Avenue25.010.0$7,400,000along the surface or elevated
Newport AvenueBeach 116th StreetBeach 149th Street21.63.2$2,400,000along the surface or elevated
Winfield SpurGarfield Avenue - 65th Place - Fresh Pond RoadBroadway and 78th StreetCentral Avenue23.346.68$10,100,000subway to 45th Avenue, then elevated to Fresh Pond Road, then subway
Liberty Avenue - 105th Avenue - Brinckerhoff Avenue - Hollis AvenueLefferts BoulevardSpringfield Boulevard26.213.3$10,700,000elevated extension of the BMT Liberty Avenue Line (now part of the Fulton Street Line)
includes branch connection to Jamaica Avenue Elevated (BMT) at 168th Street, via 180th Street and Jamaica Avenue
Van Wyck Boulevard Line137th Street - Van Wyck Boulevard87th AvenueRockaway Boulevard22.34.6$6,600,000subway to about 166th Avenue, then elevated
120th Avenue Line120th Avenue - Springfield BoulevardHawtree Street near North Conduit BoulevardFoch Boulevard4 to Van Wyck Boulevard
2 to Foch Boulevard
Queens subtotal34.9788.30$84,200,000
Roosevelt Avenue - First Street - Station Road - 38th AvenueMain Street221st Street3 to 147th Street
2 to 221st Street
3.67.78$9,600,000extends the BMT/IRT Flushing Line as a subway to 155th Street, then elevated
College Point and Whitestone LineRoosevelt Avenue and 147th Street11th Avenue and 122nd Street23.46.8$6,000,000subway to 35th Avenue, then elevated
Ditmars Avenue - Astoria Boulevard - 112th Street - Nassau Boulevard (Long Island Expressway)2nd AvenueCross Island Boulevard2 to Astoria Boulevard
4 to Parsons Boulevard
2 to Cross Island Boulevard
8.126.71$17,700,000extends the BMT/IRT Astoria Line as an elevated, except that part of it may be depressed near Nassau Boulevard (Long Island Expressway)
Queens extensions subtotal15.141.29$33,300,000
Liberty Avenue LineGrant AvenueLefferts Boulevard32.36.9$1,600,000owned by BMT, to be taken over ("recaptured") by IND
now part of the Fulton Street Line
Queens total52.37136.49$119,100,000
grand total100.12294.81$438,400,000

Later plansEdit

Later plans included the following:

  • (1931 plan) A line splitting from the Second Avenue Line north of Houston Street, running southeast, junctioning with the Houston Street line, and crossing the East River from Stanton Street towards the huge line under South Fourth Street.
  • (1931 plan) A line splitting from the Crosstown Line where it turns from Lafayette Avenue to Marcy Avenue, continuing under Lafayette Avenue and Stanhope Street to a junction with the line under Myrtle Avenue.
  • (1939 plan) A line splitting from the South Brooklyn (Culver) Line at Fort Hamilton Parkway, and running under Fort Hamilton Parkway to end at 86th Street. A branch would split to run under Ovington Avenue and Senator Street, with a tunnel under the Narrows to Staten Island at the St. George Ferry Terminal. The line would split, with the north branch ending at Westervelt Avenue around Hamilton Avenue, and the south branch ending at Grant Street around St. Pauls Street.
  • (unknown date) A third 2-track tunnel under the East River, from the north side of the South Fourth Street/Union Avenue station (as built for six tracks) west to Delancey Street.
  • (unknown date) A line splitting from the Stuyvesant Avenue line, going southeast under Broadway.
  • (unknown date) A line under Flushing Avenue from the huge line under Beaver Street to Horace Harding Boulevard (Long Island Expressway).
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  • 100 Miles of Subway in New City Project; 52 of them in Queens, New York Times September 16, 1929 page 1