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The Castleton Depot is located on 1390 Castleton Avenue and fills the block bounded by Jewett Avenue, Hurst Street, Castleton Avenue, and Rector Street in the Port Richmond and Castleton area. The depot can store 370 buses.[1]

Until Yukon Depot opened, Castleton Depot was known as Staten Island Depot.


Castleton Bus Depot
Staten Island Division
New York City Bus

Bus routes served by the Castleton Bus Depot:

Local: S40/S90LTD, S42, S46/S96LTD, S48/S98LTD, S51/S81LTD, S52, S53, S54, S66, S76/S86LTD, S93LTD

Express: SIM3/SIM3C, SIM22, SIM32, SIM33C, SIM34, SIM35

School trippers: S44, S57, S62, S74, S78


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