Canada currently has 3 urban transit systems with heavy-rail with 1 system currently under construction.

rapid transit systemsEdit

System Heavy-rail Light-rail Principal city Operator
Toronto Transit Commission Toronto Subway 4 1[N 1] Toronto TTC
Montreal Metro Montréal Métro 4 0 Montréal STM
SkyTrain TransLink Vancouver SkyTrain 3 0 Vancouver TransLink
Calgary Transit Calgary Train (C Train) 0 0 Calgary Calgary Transit
Edmonton Transit Service Edmonton Light Rail Transit 0 3[N 2] Edmonton ETS
Ottawa Train Ottawa Train (O Train) 0 2[N 3] Ottawa OC Transpo
Ion Waterloo Light Rail Transit (Ion) 0 1[N 4] Waterloo GRT
Montréal REM Montréal REM 3[N 5] 0 Montréal CDPQ
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Currently operating heavy rail rapid transit systems in Canada
Montréal/REM · Toronto · Vancouver
  1. currently under construction
  2. currently 1 line under construction
  3. currently 1 line under construction
  4. currently under construction
  5. currently under construction
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